PROPERTY ID:    "Ocean 3"                              


Directions to "3 Brice Lane, Jekyll Island, GA 31527"

NOTE: At the above link, you can use your pan/zoom features, turn satellite photography on/off, get driving directions, etc. 

Aerial Photography of Property / Island at bottom of page! 

Below is a series of visual maps.  Below that is are Aerial Photos, Terrain Images, Plat with Lot Boundaries roughly shown.  We start wide below, and zoom in at each new picture to give you a quick idea of where the property is located.

Note On Above: The last we checked, the Beachview Club Hotel (BVCH) sells daily swim & hot tub passes for $5 each, and a “Punchcard of 20 Visits” can be purchased for $75.  Please note that this is a separate matter to be contracted directly between our guests and the Beachview Club Hotel.  We do not control BVCH policies, and occasionally during times of extremely peak special events such as weddings, they may limit pool passes.

Below are a few aerial photos showing our Units in relation to the Island, Beach etc.

"Ocean 3" Photo/Info Links

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